Friday, January 18, 2013

Chile - Horse Trekking in Pucon


Want to trek deep into the wilderness of the Chilean Andes?  We did, but after a few strenuous hikes of vertical ascent Janet and I found that trekking on the back of a horse lends to a much more enjoyable journey. Not only did we see more than the tops of our feet we didn't even break a sweat.



So we got suited up with chaps and hats and began exploring even more of the beauty and wilderness in Chile.

Luis the lone ranger and guide
Carmen our multitasking and multilingual guide

Traversing through forests which transitioned to shrubs and finally to just volcanic cinder was fascinating.  Then there was the snow...

¡ S N O W !
Still a joy and wonder to me having grown up in Southern California but to everyone else in the group (German, Danish, Icelandic and Janet who grew up in Minnesota) it was no big deal. I played while they patiently waited for me.


Icelandic Jenny in a T-shirt, while we are still cold in 4 layers. 
The campsite by the high snow fed lake was stunning and Jenny from Iceland went for a swim. We however easily resisted any such temptation for fear of heart attack from hypothermia.  The only stress we were willing to endure was to sleep on a ‘way too thin’ thermarest for 2 nights, but the view was stunning and worth every minute.



Sunset at 9:45pm!  Finally we can go to bed!
Unlike most rental horses Mathias' horses had personalities; all were well fed, well groomed and always ready to go.

              Mathias the 'Jefe' of  Campo Antilco


Plus for a final ‘Punto Bueno’, we were welcomed back to a complete Chilean Asado and Feast after our 4 days of horse trekking.

Well organized and perfectly hospitable this German/Chilean operation had the perfect combination of both cultures. We could easily repeat this one!


  1. Wow, what a great experience! Now there can be no question about it, you must get horses for the Haiku homestead! I must say I was a little disappointed that you did not swim with your fellow trekker. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  2. Janet,
    Your photos of Patagonia are exquisite. I live in a very beautiful state of Washington, and as you know, in Hawaii for many years, but that is breathtaking.
    What an experience you and Patti are having! I am very jealous, but could never do what you are doing.

    Your OLD Cuz, Curt