Sunday, September 11, 2016

Germany and Austria - Final Days of Fun and Beauty


Traveling in Austria just invites more hiking amongst all the picture perfect beauty.



The beauty on the trails is augmented by fun props and very civilized resting spots. Imagine a lounge chair in the woods, wow we loved it.   


Lakes, Alpine Meadows and even the local Police Department and City Hall were  picturesque.

We also explored huge caves, really tall scary gorges and ancient ice caves with water so pure that it had no signs of radiation from 'irresponsible nuclear testing' which has trace presence in all other water. Amazing what one learns on tours.

There was never a lack of entertainment in the small villages and towns and the entertainers seemed to be very well supported by the locals.




Meet Clara who at 86 is still running her 3 story Pension, which has no lift by the way! Ironing sheets, making breakfast for everyone and running up and down the stairs must be her secret.


A local vintner whose vineyard lay on both sides of the Austrian Slovakian border decided to build a table on the exact borderline so that both countries could share a meal and a nice bottle of wine to discuss any diplomatic issues that might arise. Sounds much nicer and more civilized than building a wall!


After a couple of fun garden days with our friends Gudren and Christoph we went to play at a park designed for fitness. The goal of the course was to keep your balance on all the fun props. Some were easy and some not so easy but hysterical laughter was our constant companion. 


Time for the cows to return home after a summer of feasting and relaxing in the high Alms of Bavaria. So too, we are heading home to Maui until our next adventure. 

View from the air of Greenland!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Germany- The Insider Track with Irme and Charly

Germany was a magical playground with our friends Irme and Charly as our talented guides. They knew the 'inside track' .....just where to go and which elf to follow.


Germany is Mecca for hikers and bikers with an amazing network of trails, all well marked and wonderfully maintained. Of course they are, it is Germany after all!


   E-Bikes are now very popular and there are charging stations everywhere, those cheaters! But truth be told we would probably be first in line to buy one if we lived here!

We wandered the wine vineyards and apple orchards both of which were planted in neat rows for easy picking! 




The Danube

Here Charly is explaining how each year there is a big 'rubber duckie' regatta  down the Danube. We have already got our 'duckie' ready for next year.  A year to train! 


Guards at the castle 


We love our new Goggingen family from the most wonderful village in the world!

'Es gibt kein bier auf Hawaii'
'Es gibt kein Bananas auf Germany'

We will certainly miss playing with our new family and look forward to returning to play, sing and laugh with everyone. Thank you Charly and Irme!