Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Frolicking in France with Frankfurt Friends

It's always fun to catch up with Peter and Christine somewhere new in the world; Guatemala, then Mexico and this time in the Dordogne countryside of France. We always seem to pick up our adventures just where we left off, each time in another country. 

Thank you Peter for being our multilingual translator which provided us a window into the french culture and countryside. Having the ability to communicate is like having the keys to the kingdom.

This is how we feel without language at the tip of our tongue!

Fortunately not all fun requires language!

Janet is in her element here figuring out how they constructed this dome in a medieval castle.

We strolled, we laughed, we posed for all the perfect tourist photos and enjoyed every moment.

Merci and Au revoir, Hasta luego, Auf wiedersehen; until we meet again somewhere new in the world!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Spain and Bubbles!

We scored, we landed in a town that is having a festival. To top that, our apartment has top row viewing!

This morning...we followed the sound of distant music and whoa...what did we discover but the.....Bubble and Water Fiesta! 

Stand by the side lines and watch with all the adults? Are you kidding?


 No Way!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Spain- Costa Brava-Just Keep Swimming!

Okay, first a little bragging about our time in Costa Brava. After leaving Barcelona we sought more swimming possibilities and found them here. The water is so docile that we can swim and swim and swim with the only worry being the speed boats zipping around us. The beaches are amass with suntanning bodies but once we enter the water it's only us, the clear calm seas, and the boats. 


On one up and back swim we had so much fun playing in and around the rocks we only realized that we had swum 4.75 miles when we got home and plotted it on Google maps.

We earned our glass of wine that night!

More Snaps of Barcelona! 

Gaudi's influence is felt everywhere and we loved it! Amazing whimsical architectural feats down to the last detail as well as the the mosaics and the furniture. 

Then there was the food and spontaneous flamenco performances by handsome talented men. 

We spied this street mural from afar and found our way back to it for closer inspection. 

Really impressive and beautiful work. 

The kind of window shopping we enjoyed the most!